Account activation with 0.01 BTC.

First Level Income:

You Join as an Adviser

Direct (First Level Income): 10%,

After next 5 direct (First level Income): 20%,
      And you promoted to Team Leader from Adviser.

After next 5 direct (First level Income): 30%,
      And you promoted to Sales Manager from Team Leader.

After next 5 direct (First level Income): 40%,
      And you promoted to Manager from Sales Manager.

After next 5 direct (First level income): 50%,
      And you promoted to Senior Manager from Manager.

Second level: 10%

Third level:         5%

Forth level:         4%

Fifth level:           3%

Sixth level:          2%

Seventh level:  1%

First Passive Income: 5% of total turnover will equally distribute in all associates without any condition.

Second Passive Income: 5% of total turnover will equally distribute in all those associates, who are Senior Managers without any condition.

Minimum Withdrawal: 0.01BTC

After earning of 0.1 BTC, Next earning of 0.02 will be auto deduct from the payout for next level upgradation.
Next level will work same as level 1. As yours directs completing their first level, they automatically come in your down as they were in first level.
After getting 10 times earning of your payment, you will be upgrade automatically and payment of upgradation will be deducted from your payout.


When you invest 0.01 BTC in first level, and after earning of 0.1 BTC there is deduction of 0.02BTC for next level.
As in second level, when you earn 0.2 BTC, from next earning 0.05 BTC will be deduct for next level.
Levels are: 0.01 BTC,0.02 BTC,0.05 BTC,0.1 BTC,0.2 BTC,0.5 BTC,1 BTC,2 BTC,5BTC and so on….
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